Renting an RV in Alaska means you’ll be visiting several Alaskan cities.
We recommend budgeting 2 of 3 days for Denali National Park, as well as Kenai Fjords National Park, and Seward.
Be sure to check out our Denali Park, Seward, and Alaska tour pages for more info!

Popular RV Rental Models in Alaska

Class C Motorhomes : Between 22 – 31 ft.

22 – 24 ft. RVs: Best for parties of 2 / couples
25 – 27 ft. RVs: Ideal for parties of 2 / couples, or families with 1-2 children
28 – 31 ft. RVs: Best for large families / groups, or parties of 4 – 6

Rates vary by company and vehicle size, but RV rental costs in Alaska generally range from $165 to $225 per day.

The top RV rental companies in Alaska offer motorhomes that are less than 3 years old, ensuring extra safety and a fun-filled, hassle-free Alaskan vacation.

Almost all Alaskan RV rentals are self-contained vehicles with multiple beds, comfortable seating, full bathrooms with a shower, and complete kitchens including stoves, refrigerators, sinks, a hot water heater and furnace.

Important Information

  • Securing an RV rental in Alaska requires early booking: advance reservations are a must, as almost all companies are sold out by spring.
  • Keep in mind that all Alaskan RV rental companies require a deposit and adhere to strict cancellation policies.
  • Some rental companies charge extra for mileage, kitchen set-ups, bedding, insurance, dumping or cleaning. Always read the fine print, and ask about extra fees ahead of time.
  • Discounts are often available for May or September rentals.
  • No special license is required to operate an RV in Alaska, and most rental companies give an orientation prior to your departure.