Triple Lakes Trail Interpretive Hike

Triple Lakes Trail Interpretive Hike

Departs from Denali.


$121 pp Adult


The Triple Lakes Trail inside Denali National Park provides visitors with one of the best opportunities for a serene immersion into the boreal forest of Interior Alaska. This adventure begins with a gradual and consistent hill climb providing spectacular views of the Nenana River and the expansive glacially carved Yanert Valley.This trail then descends and levels off to provide access to the three alpine lakes that give this Alaska trail its name. Beautiful views of the lakes, bounded by the elevated ridges, make for some outstanding photo opportunities. The lakes are abundant with arctic grayling and also home to resident beavers. Moose enjoy the sheltered valley and other small mammals are abundant increasing the opportunity for wildlife viewing. Countless wildflowers dot the hillsides adjacent to the trails and wild blueberries are abundant in August.

This is a “must-do” Alaska hike for any Denali visitor desiring to experience some solitude. This Alaska hike is rated moderately strenuous due to the reasonably steep ascent at the onset of this hike. Only avid hikers with appropriate conditioning and footwear should consider this option.