Katmai Wilderness Lodge

Katmai Wilderness Lodge

Departs from Kodiak


TUE-FRI: $5.184
FRI-TUE: $5.855


Katmai teems with an astounding array of winged creatures, especially during the spring migratory and summer breeding seasons. Puffins, ducks, geese, kittiwakes, shorebirds, and bald eagles make this region a true bird lover’s paradise. Here at Katmai Wilderness Lodge, you’ll be nestled in a rich ecosystem abundant with some of the world’s most extraordinary animals. You’ll venture through the pristine Alaskan landscape by day, and settle comfortably in your cozy Lodge by night. Our professional team of guides give you an inside look at this wild Northern paradise, and the Lodge staff can’t wait to make your stay fun, relaxing, and memorable.

Throughout your stay, our expert guides ensure your complete safety and comfort. Accompanied by our professional staff, you’ll set off each morning by boat, exploring the myriad of beaches within the bay where bears congregate in search of clams or catch salmon as they travel upstream. If conditions allow, you’ll join bears and other animals on land, giving you extremely rare wildlife viewing, and of course, unparalleled photo opportunities.

Your Adventure Package includes lodging, all meals, guided bear and wildlife viewing, photography tours, birding, beach combing, and scheduled scenic round trip floatplane travel (Kodiak/Katmai Wilderness Lodge). No additional fee applies for single supplements.