Rustic Luxury
Kantishna Roadhouse

Kantishna Roadhouse

Denali National Park


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Kantishna Roadhouse offers an all-inclusive once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan travel experience. Located 90 miles into the pristine natural wonder of Denali National Park in a remote area where few are lucky enough to travel, you will find adventure, tranquility and an escape from everyday modern life.

Your stay includes private bus transportation into the heart of Denali Park, deluxe log cabin accommodations, meals, a variety of daily activities, hiking opportunities, naturalist programs, and the chance to observe wildlife and experience the breathtaking scenery of Denali Park — up close and personal.

The Kantishna Roadhouse features comfortable cabin accommodations that offer all guests a cozy and authentic place to stay in Denali Park. Guests enjoy a good night’s sleep in a cozy cabin with all the amenities you’ll need on your Denali Park vacation.