Helicopter Glacier Dog Sled Tour

Helicopter Glacier Dog Sled Tour

Departs from Seward. Approximately 90 mins.


$658 pp


Alaska helicopter glacier tours – flightseeing, a glacier landing, and a dog sled ride makes this triple adventure a unique and unforgettable experience and the highlight of any Alaskan adventure tours vacation. On the glacier, wait to share an essential part of Alaskan culture . . . Alaska dog mushing!

Experienced guides explain that Seward, Alaska was the historical start of the famous Iditarod Sled Dog Trail. Hear unique personal accounts of their own Iditarod races and backcountry experiences. As they answer your questions you feel the excitement as the team is hooked up, then… you’re off!

Imagine yourself standing on the runners of a dog sled with a team of huskies loping across the ancient snowfield nestled among the peaks of the Chugach range. The lure of the trail and thrill of driving a dog team creates the ultimate Alaskan vacation!