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Katmai Wilderness Lodge

Katmai Wilderness Lodge

Katmai National Park


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At Katmai Wilderness Lodge, you’ll be nestled in a rich ecosystem abundant with some of the world’s most extraordinary animals. Accompanied by our professional staff, you’ll set off each morning by boat, exploring the myriad of beaches within the bay where bears congregate in search of clams or catch salmon in mid-air as they travel upstream.

If conditions allow, you’ll join bears and other animals on land, giving you extremely rare wildlife viewing, and of course, unparalleled photo opportunities.

Katmai Wilderness Lodge is nestled in a picturesque landscape of blossoming flowers, abundant berries, and gorgeous trees. The area’s rich native vegetation has been shaped by an evolving ecosystem, complex geology, and subarctic climate. Here, plant life explodes with vibrant color and memorable fragrance, giving this unique landscape its exquisite beauty.